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February 18, 2018

MylesTitle is the brainchild of Myles Lichtenberg, Esq. - a recognized leader in the national title arena for nearly three decades, with a base of operations in Maryland, focusing his unique practice on commercial real estate title insurance matters.

It's often said that innovation is the product of necessity. Simply put, no one real estate title professional service firm can do it all. That's our starting point. As such, MylesTitle strategically manages relationships and fills a much needed niche' -- tapping into national real estate experts, while providing the kind of local - hands on -- attention required by our elite clients:

By design, MylesTitle is unique and quite exclusive. We provide commercial real estate title services in Maryland and for multi-state commercial real estate settlements. Our commercial title services include relationship management in order to facilitate multi-state transactions and we focus on providing an unparalleled level of service in the commercial title arena. At closing, we want our clients to rest assured that all commercial title work has been completed in a thorough, professional manner by highly experienced commercial real estate title attorneys. This allows our clients to focus on their investment in commercial real estate, secure in the knowledge that the transaction has been consummated in conjunction with the professional title work of Myles Title. When real estate title is required for Complex, Commercial, Multi-State, and Large Residential transactions -- we fill a much needed void.

Whether it's the ordinary or the extraordinarily complex, we handle real estate title transactions of every size and variety.


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